Casa Oriole


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Casa Oriole is our little paradise that we offer you to disconnect and relax.

Enjoy quality time in the right environment.

Feel at home, but in the middle of nature.

Gill & Paul

Hi! We're Paul and Gill

We are a British couple, who after discovering the charms of this area, decided to settle here in 2006 and organically farm the olive trees and enjoy a peaceful life in our little corner, just a few metres from Casa Oriole.

In this period, we have explored and discovered many interesting places and activities that we want to share with our guests.

Casa Oriole

This is Casa Oriole​

A small isolated farmhouse but with all the comforts, surrounded by olive trees and birdsong, and with a perfect location halfway between the beaches of the Ebro Delta and the Boix-Cardó and Els Ports mountain ranges, where you can do all kinds of activities.

Paneles solares Casa Oriole

We are green

Living in the countryside, in isolation, gives you a more responsible view of the resources at our disposal and how valuable they are. We are self-sufficient because nature gives us everything we need to live comfortably (water, energy, heat, etc.) but, for this very reason, it is necessary to respect it and take care of it; not only for ourselves but for all of humanity and future generations.

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* There is flexibility depending on whether there are other guests arriving or departing on the same days.
** For stays longer than 4 days.

For electricity we use a photovoltaic system, designed for the average consumption of 2 people, so we cannot allow the use of high power appliances such as hairdryers (we can provide you with a low consumption one), irons, etc. and we ask you to use them responsibly.

The water at Casa Oriole comes from the rain and is stored in a cistern, so it is not advisable to drink it directly (we will give you a bottle of drinking water on arrival), but for making coffee or boiling water there is no problem. And, as it doesn’t rain much in this area, we ask you to use this precious resource responsibly.