The house

ENjoy, rest...

with all the amenities

35 sqm



With love

Isolated, self-sufficient and environmentally friendly cottage typical of the area. The loft-style interior consists of a living area, a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen and a separate bathroom.

Outside, there are different rest areas to enjoy the open air, as well as the possibility of taking short walks through the olive groves that surround the house or through the Sierra de Boix-Cardó.

What does Casa Oriole include?

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* There is flexibility depending on whether there are other guests arriving or departing on the same days.
** For stays longer than 4 days.

For electricity we use a photovoltaic system, designed for the average consumption of 2 people, so we cannot allow the use of high power appliances such as hairdryers (we can provide you with a low consumption one), irons, etc. and we ask you to use them responsibly.

The water at Casa Oriole comes from the rain and is stored in a cistern, so it is not advisable to drink it directly (we will give you a bottle of drinking water on arrival), but for making coffee or boiling water there is no problem. And, as it doesn’t rain much in this area, we ask you to use this precious resource responsibly.