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La Caramella

There are always interesting walks and bike rides through the olive groves and ravines near Casa Oriole.

By car, in about 30 minutes you can start to tread the sand of the endless beaches of the Delta or, in 40 minutes, start an excursion through the impressive mountains of Els Ports.

The Ebro Delta is great for cycling through the rice fields, around the different lagoons, or following the existing routes along the Ebro to connect with the Greenway, which passes through Tortosa and reaches Alcañiz!

In the Delta, you can also enjoy one of the largest natural reserves of birds in the Mediterranean, with more than 95 species, including its famous flamingos.

And it’s not a bad idea either to hire a canoe or kayak and take a trip along the mouth of the Ebro, or to go snorkelling or do other water sports right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

If we talk about gastronomy, we cannot forget the typical Catalan, delta and, due to its proximity, Valencian cuisine, as well as the quality seafood cuisine. We propose a selection of restaurants where you can enjoy the most Mediterranean flavour to the full.


The Ebro Delta is home to one of the most important natural bird reserves in the Mediterranean.


The nearby coastline is lined with beaches to suit all tastes, from the family-friendly to the more deserted.


For excursions, we are close to the mountains, the Via Verde, as well as various charming villages.


Typical Catalan cuisine, from the Ebro Delta, rice dishes, seafood and fish... There is something for everyone.


* There is flexibility depending on whether there are other guests arriving or departing on the same days.
** For stays longer than 4 days.

For electricity we use a photovoltaic system, designed for the average consumption of 2 people, so we cannot allow the use of high power appliances such as hairdryers (we can provide you with a low consumption one), irons, etc. and we ask you to use them responsibly.

The water at Casa Oriole comes from the rain and is stored in a cistern, so it is not advisable to drink it directly (we will give you a bottle of drinking water on arrival), but for making coffee or boiling water there is no problem. And, as it doesn’t rain much in this area, we ask you to use this precious resource responsibly.